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Trumbull Industries Technology Capabilities

We offer customer vending and locker machine programs as well as store room inventory management solutions.  We have a substantial eCommerce presence and can offer various levels of product ordering access to our customers.  We leverage our ERP systems capabilities and software solutions to provide freight integration, as well as, customer and supplier Reporting and Key Performance Indicators.
We can offer both suppliers and customers a wide-range of systems integration and automation options, particularly with Trumbull's EDI Processes.  We support ASC X12 versions 3010 through 4010 and can offer different connection methods for file transfer.

Our EDI efforts are under continuous improvement and our current Transactions Supported are as follows:

Transaction Direction EDI Document
Outbound  810 - Invoice
Inbound  812 - Application Advice
Inbound/Outbound  820 - Payment Remittance
Outbound  846 - Inventory Feed
Inbound/Outbound  850 - Purchase Order
Outbound  855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement
Inbound/Outbound  856 - Advanced Ship Notice
Inbound  860 - Purchase Order Change
Inbound/Outbound  997 - Functional Acknowledgement


For more information, or to get established with us
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Jason Crawford
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