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Industrial Vending Solutions

Benefits of a Vending Program with Trumbull Industries include:

Customer control of the products – you pick the brands you want
Customer controls the usage/availability of the products
20-25% reduction in product consumption
Secure, visible stocking environment
24/7/365 product availability
Organized storage space
Increase accountability with employees
Reduce inventory & associated carrying costs
Usage reports – The SNAPVend™ Software provides many reporting options and formats

Trumbull Vending Program

  • Trumbull owns the vending machine(s) and manages the entire implementation process from start up to steady state.

  • Trumbull manages all data and provides repackaging and weekly replenishment of all vended products.

  • Each installed machine carries a monthly support charge*. This covers cost of equipment, software licenses, product repackaging and replenishment.

Services Included

  • Service and support for equipment and software
  • All product repackaging and put away
  • All data maintenance (products & users)
  • Machine maintenance as needed
  • Annual software license

Whats Next?

  • Develop and sign a Memo of Understanding (MOU) that outlines the Vending Program agreement.
  • Identify the list of products
  • Review product repackaging requirements
  • Create Product Machine Planogram
  • Identify the list of employees using vending machines – (badge numbers)
  • Schedule delivery of machine(s)
  • Schedule implementation and training.


*This monthly charge is waived when the customers purchases from Trumbull meets or exceeds minimum monthly spend amounts.